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Car battery related knowledge, car start is indispensable

Structure: the structure of lead-acid battery is mainly composed of positive (negative) plate, separator, electrolyte, tank shell, connecting strip and pole post.

Function: it is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It belongs to DC power supply. Its functions are as follows:

(1) When starting the engine, provide strong starting current to the starter (generally up to 200 ~ 600A).
(2) When the generator is overloaded, it can assist the generator to supply power to the electrical equipment.
(3) When the engine is idle, power is supplied to the consumer.
(4) When the generator terminal voltage is higher than the electromotive force of lead-acid battery, part of the electric energy is converted into chemical energy for storage, that is, charging.
(5) the battery is also a large capacity capacitor, which can protect the electrical appliances of the car

Causes of battery damage:

The life of the battery is generally about two years

1: Over discharge
2: Battery storage for a long time (no overcharge during storage)
3: It can't be charged by car engine
4: There is no electrolyte
5: The specific gravity of electrolyte is too high
6: Charging at high temperature
7: Contaminated by contaminants (e.g. hydrochloric acid, seawater, organic acids, etc.)
8: The battery is charged with excessive current
9: The deformation of the electrode plate causes the contact between the positive plate and the cladding plate, resulting in a short circuit
10: Dirt is deposited on the upper and lower parts of the plate, causing short circuit
As long as you pay attention to avoid the above points, the service life of your battery will increase accordingly.

Maintenance of automobile battery

(1) The liquid level of electrolyte should always be kept between Max and min. check once a month. According to the drop of liquid level, add distilled water (pure water) properly. Do not add acid.
(2) When the voltage of the battery is insufficient, the light is dim and the starting is weak, charging outside the vehicle should be carried out in time.
(3) To prevent battery overcharge or long-term power loss, overcharge will make the active substance fall off, power loss will make the plate vulcanization, to ensure that the regulator voltage can not be too high or too low.
(4) In the process of use, it is necessary to check whether the exhaust hole is unblocked to prevent the battery from deformation or bursting.
(5) Keep the battery away from heat source and open fire. Keep ventilation when charging and using, so as to prevent burning injury.
(6) To prevent the battery from discharging for a long time with high current, the starting time for each use should not be more than 5 seconds, and the starting time for two consecutive times should be 10-15 seconds in between.
(7) The battery should be firmly installed on the car to reduce the vibration.
(8) Always check whether the connecting line of the battery is firm. All movable joints must be kept in good contact to prevent sparks and battery explosion. The oxide and sulfate produced by the battery clip must be scraped off and coated with vaseline to prevent further corrosion.
(9) Always remove the dust, dirt and electrolyte spilled from the battery cover, keep it clean and dry, and prevent self discharge.
(10) The cracking of sealing glue should be repaired in time.
(11) When driving in cold regions, it is necessary to avoid the battery discharging completely to avoid the electrolyte freezing.

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