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Ordinary worker Release date :2021-05-21 Work place:保定 Hiring:若干
1.Long day shift general worker
Ask18-45 years old, female, hard-working and practical;
Salary: the comprehensive salary is 3500 ~ 4500, which is controlled by eating and drinking;
Work content::operate the equipment to complete the production work, and make records.

2.Ordinary worker
Work content: operate CNC equipment to complete the production tasks arranged by the leaders;
Ask:18 ~ 40 years old, male;
Working hours: two days off in the last four days, 20 days of monthly attendance and 10 days off;
Salary:the comprehensive salary after the fixed post is 4500~5500.

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Warehouse keeper Release date :2021-05-21 Work place:保定 Hiring:若干
Post requirements18 ~ 40 years old, male;
Job contentIn and out of the warehouse, sorting out the goods in the reservoir area;
Wages and emolumentsSingle break, long day shift, comprehensive salary 3000 ~ 3500.

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Censor Release date :2021-05-21 Work place:BaoDing Hiring:Many people
Job requirements:18 ~ 38 years old, technical secondary school education, male or female, experience is preferred;
Working hours:12-hour shift, 2 day shifts and 2 night shifts, 20 days a month, and 10 days off;
Work content:do experiments, test and take data;
Salary:3000 ~ 4500+three months internship period.

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