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What is the function of maintenance free PE battery separato

The function of PE separator is to prevent the short circuit caused by the contact between positive and negative plates. Because it is porous, it can make the electrolyte pass through PE separator smoothly. Make sure that the plates are reacting normally. Therefore, PE battery separator should have higher porosity to ensure the ion conduction of electric energy, and should also have less impurities, good acid resistance, high mechanical strength and other conditions. The rubber PE battery separator can also prevent the antimony ions dissolved in the positive grid alloy from migrating to the negative plate surface, so as to reduce the battery self discharge.
The battery tank is made of hard rubber or plastic and other materials with acid resistance, good insulation and high mechanical strength. It is a container to hold the plate, PE battery separator and electrolyte. Its volume determines the capacity of the battery under certain conditions.
The function of dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is to conduct ions through electrochemical reaction in the process of electric energy and chemical energy conversion, namely charging and discharging, and participate in the chemical reaction of battery.

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(1) Positive plate (positive active material) The main component of the active material of the positive plate is lead dioxide, which has strong oxidizability. When discharging, it reacts with sulfuric acid to form lead sulfate, and absorbs electrons. There are two types of lattice of lead dioxide, one is lead oxide The other is PB02 PB02. These two lead dioxide active materials are very different, and they play different roles in the positive plate The capacity given by PB02 is 1.5 ~ ~ ~ 3 times of PbO2 PB02 has good mechanical strength. The active material of positive plate is not suitable to soften and fall off due to the existence of PB02 PB02 and When the ratio of PbO 2 reaches 0.8, lead-acid battery will show good performance The reaction equation is as follows: PB02 + 3H + + HSO4 + 2E = = PbSO4 + 2H2O, when charged, it is converted to lead sulfate under the action of external circuit The results s...

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