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The wonderful use of battery in data center equipment

Batteries are widely used in data centers because most of them are electronic devices that need power supply, and they have high requirements for business sustainability, so batteries are especially needed as backup power supply or long-term power supply. Of course, there are many risks in using a lot of batteries. Once some batteries fail, if the internal electrolyte flows out, it is easy to cause short circuit of peripheral devices. Lithium batteries are prone to surface oxidation when they are exposed to bad environment for a long time, resulting in power failure, and it is also easy to bring failure to peripheral devices. With the increase of charging and discharging times, the power supply time of the battery is gradually shortened, so that the battery can not supply power normally. There are also some new battery technologies, due to the imperfect accumulation of technology, which often bring disastrous consequences to the use of equipment after failure. In a word, there are both good and bad aspects of batteries. You can't blindly use batteries in large quantities in the data center. Generally speaking, for some large and medium-sized equipment, no matter what kind of batteries are used inside, it's better to use three or less batteries, so as to reduce the risk of excessive use of batteries. For small equipment, it is recommended to use a battery or not to use it. If some functions have to be completed by battery power supply, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the risk of introducing battery. On the premise of equipment operation stability, it is necessary to select the battery conditionally. At this time, it is necessary to choose the correct type of battery and use the battery reasonably, More features will be added to the device. More and more batteries will be used in data center devices.

Batteries have been widely used in all walks of life, from aviation equipment to mobile phones and telephones. We can't live without batteries. Battery has a history of more than 100 years since it was born. It is a very old technology. As early as 1859, French scientist Le Cruncher successfully developed the prototype of dry cell substitute with zinc as the negative electrode, manganese dioxide as the positive electrode and "ammonium chloride" as the electrolyte. Of course, with the development of technology, there are more and more types of batteries, such as dry cells, batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, thermoelectric cells, lithium batteries, nuclear cells, etc. with the progress of science and technology, it is believed that there will be new types of batteries constantly developed. No matter what kind of battery, to what extent, the only difference lies in the different ways of generating electric energy, its role is the same, and ultimately through the battery to provide stable electric energy for external equipment.

The data center industry has developed rapidly in recent years, the equipment load-bearing pressure of the data center computer room is gradually expanding, the number of high-frequency switching power supply, uninterrupted power supply and other power supply equipment is also increasing rapidly, so that the battery has been widely used, and the application of battery in the data center is very popular. Usually, the battery is used as the backup power supply of the data center, and it is used as the emergency power supply in the event of power failure in the data center. Compared with ordinary batteries, batteries are not disposable products and can be recharged and discharged repeatedly. However, with the increase of usage times, the time of continuous power supply will be shortened. In addition, the battery technology is also widely used in the equipment running in the data center, so as to better realize the function of the equipment. Let's focus on the battery usage in the equipment of the data center. In addition to supplying power to the device, batteries certainly have more magical uses. Many functions of data center equipment can only be realized by installing batteries. The best function is the running date of the equipment. When we set the time of the device, even if the device is powered off for several months, the time is still accurate when it is turned on again. In this way, the function of keeping the running time record of the device in case of power failure depends on the battery. Generally, a clock chip is installed inside the device. The clock chip can be powered by internal power supply or external battery. The battery can keep the clock chip running normally. When the device is turned on again, the correct time can be obtained. Generally, this kind of battery can work normally for 10 years and belongs to disposable products, The service time is much longer than the service life of the equipment. There are still many high-end devices that need to record a lot of detailed equipment operation information, so that they can be used for analysis by users. Especially after the equipment fails, they can still find the cause of the failure through these information, which is like the "black box" of the aircraft. Many electronic devices will disappear after the power failure, Therefore, a lithium battery is added to these electronic devices to supply power through the lithium battery to ensure that the important information recorded will not be lost.

In some devices, the input of the whole device is usually 220 V AC mains power, but many functional devices on the device need only a few volts of power, and the required voltage is different. In order to make these functions work normally, it needs many times of power conversion, such as the electronic display screen of large air conditioning equipment, the telephone handset hanging beside the equipment, The emergency lighting in the data center room needs a separate battery to supply power to these functional devices. There are also many mobile and portable devices, such as multimeter, electronic oscilloscope, thermometer, hygrometer, electric pen and so on, which can be powered by battery to ensure normal work. It can be seen that batteries are widely used in data center equipment.

The built-in battery of notebook computer can make the notebook work normally for several hours without external power input, which provides great convenience for users. Even if there is power failure in the process of use, the built-in battery can take over the work immediately to ensure the continuous operation of the notebook. Huawei has released a data center network device with similar functions, which is also the industry's first switch with built-in battery. Almost all data centers require uninterrupted operation of business throughout the year. The power failure of network equipment means business interruption and economic loss. Due to the high price of UPS power supply equipment, it is impossible to equip all equipment in data center with UPS power supply, which often brings losses to data center due to unexpected power interruption. As the battery technology has become mature and the price is getting cheaper, the battery can play a better role in the data center. In the absence of electricity, unstable power supply, build a temporary emergency network and other circumstances, this network equipment has a place to use. The increased cost of using battery can be ignored for the whole network equipment, so in some important data centers, considering the cost factor, using network equipment with built-in battery is a good choice.

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